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About The Parakart Association

Our main goal is to develop the kite buggy skills of our members through fun and challenging events.

This means we organise social and series racing throughout the year in England and Wales for all to attend, and at the end of the year we put forward the English team for international competition. The revised constitution document to reflect the current sporting environment is available here. You can find out about the last year and plans for coming year by reading the last AGM minutes.

Our History

The Parakart Association was formed in 1993 by a group of parakart (or kite buggying) enthusiasts. It’s reputedly the oldest kite buggy club in the world! Its original purpose was to provide kite buggying sites and third party liability insurance as Class 8 Land Yachts. This has given us access to the best buggying beaches in the world.

Since then, kite buggying has evolved massively as a sport and the role of the PKA has now become more defined as the guiding body for kite buggy racing in England and Wales. The PKA provides third party liability insurance through the British Kitesports Association and runs fun and challenging events to encourage beginners into the sport and to select the national team to compete at international events.

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