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Join us at a Buggy Camp in 2018

Inspired by ruthless German kite buggy racing efficiency, where flyers developed rapidly at their week long 'Buggy Camp' in the early years, Buggy Camps are designed around raising the skill level of all those who attend no matter what buggy you sit in or what kite you fly.

  • Come along and get guidance with your first spin in a buggy.
  • Take your buggying further with a range of games planned to develop your skills.
  • Test yourself on some of our skills challenges.
  • Get guidance on specific manouvers from experienced pilots
  • And of course we might do some racing for fun, no licence required!

Games and Challenges

As well as guidance for new flyers and buggiers, and fun racing for all (no licence required, just competence!) Buggy Camps will have a range of challenges and games that could take place throughout the weekend. Set by experienced racers and race officers they will test your capabilities with both buggy and kite and can be tailored to any skill level:

  • Suicide-gybe Knock-out - Suicide between the cones, narrower each round, drop your kite or go outside of the cones and you're out.
  • Buggy Dodgeball - as if there wasn't enough to pay attention to without balls flying at you from all angles. 3 on 3 team competition.
  • The infamous PKA Killer Slalom - just for fun, honest! Racing with a crossover in the middle and a 'killer' on the loose.
  • Tacking practice - can you Time Your Tack and fit into the fleet without obstructing anyone - one by one it will be your turn...
  • Point to point One on one - Two marks, placed anywhere on the beach, one person starting at each mark, the first to get around the other mark and back to theirs wins.
  • Tick Tack Toe, how quickly can you flow from tack to tack? Timed runs at a series of markers placed in a direct line upwind of each other with a start and end gate at each end...

Buggy Camp with WSYC :: 18 & 19 August 2018 :: Hoylake

Hoylake has a sandbank that creates a vast lagoon of sand so you can buggy without worrying about tides for days at a time. This is why the local WSYC and PKA choose it to hold events every year.

Hoylake and the WSYC will welcome the second Buggy Camp of 2018, with camping and night flying available on the beach, a social BBQ and all the buggying enjoyment you can wish for. Entry to the event will cost £10 per person and you can join in with all activites and guests can join the BBQ by contributing £5. If you would like to stay in your car or campervan in the WSYC car park and have access to the toilet facilities then an overnight stay will cost £10 per unit per night, camping on the beach will cost just £5 (as it's a longer walk to the toilets!).

Saturday 9:00am-9:30am :: Registration :: WSYC Clubhouse
Saturday 10:00am-10:30pm :: Briefing :: The Beach @ Hoylake
Saturday 10:30am-5:00pm :: Skills Challenges & Racing :: The Beach @ Hoylake
Saturday 6:00pm-12:00am :: Night Flying & Camping :: The Beach @ Hoylake
Sunday 12:00am-9:00am :: Night Flying & Camping :: The Beach @ Hoylake
Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm :: Racing & Buggy Games :: The Beach @ Hoylake

Buggy Camp with CLSC :: 28 & 29 July 2018 :: Pembrey

Pembrey Beach is over 7 miles long and backed by lush dunes, Forest, Country Park and RAF Base. The Country Park is the home of many events run by the CLSC and an annual round of the PKA National Series.
The first Buggy Camp of 2018 was unfortunately extremely wet and extremely windy, therefore everyone had a good play on the beach but conditions were too unsafe and unpleasent to run the pre-planned activities.

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