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Try Kite Buggy Racing

Some might argue that once you can go fast in a kite buggy that your learning is over. What every stereotypical "racer" understands is that this is only the beginning.

Kite buggy racing is not just just about going fast in a straight line or flying the biggest kite. There are so many facets that they can't be listed, if you want to learn more and improve your buggying skills then read on to find out how to start racing.

The best way to start racing is to come along to one of our Events, the Last Gasp and Icicles are the most informal but if you can't wait that long then you can attend one of the National Series events straight away. All you need to race in a PKA event is valid 3rd party insurance and a race licence.

Race licensing

The aim of licence assessment is to make sure everyone is competent, safe and aware of the basic rules of racing. Any competent buggier who’s invested a bit of time to understand racing rules will pass without a problem.

5 easy steps to getting a race licence

  • Contact the National Licensing Co-ordinator who will put you in touch with your regional assessor and put the next available test day in your diary
  • Download the licence pack, PKA Handbook and complete the written test
  • Revise your answers and hone your buggying skills
  • Bring your insurance documents, test papers and £5 admin fee to the test day
  • Pass the test and start racing!

Regional Assessors are spread across the country and there should be one near you.

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